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Entorn Mediterrani, Girona, is dedicated to the world of gardening. The company is led by Eduard Pey whom was trained at the Escola de Capacitacio Agraria of Santa Coloma de Farners. Eduard is a professional forester and gardening whom has over fifteen years of specialized experience, which he is continuously building upon. His team is made-up of qualified individuals, who seek and ensure being at the forefront of innovative design and technical materials used by landscape gardeners.


At Entorn Mediterrani, we are aware that the real stars of landscape gardening are the plants; with this in mind we think about how each project space is different. As a team we work with passion, professionalism and precision to offer an exclusive service of the highest quality. We care about the detail of our projects, so that your gardens become an individual space that you can leisurely enjoy.


Entorn Mediterrani invite you to visit our web site, where you will find information of our companies values and philosophy on gardening. Furthermore the website illustrates visually previous projects undertaken, which are also available in our catalogue.


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