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At ENTORN MEDITERRANI we summarize our services as part of our ‘Integrated Landscaping Service’. We offer our clients tailored maintenance, installation of automatic irrigation, careful pruning, plant protection treatments [ecological and chemical], cleaning pavements, pallets and wooden pergolas, as well as the placing of natural grass sod. These are but a few of the services that we provide. 

We believe that innovation and rapid client response provide a good business service. We are aware that problems with a garden can be varied, but at Entorn Mediterrani we consider new challenges, and difficulties, so we invite you to enquire our agricultural consultation. Whereby you will find the precise solution for your individual case without commitment, and with the utmost professionalism.



Our company performs maintenance with diligence and punctuality, whereby we meet each client’s individual expectations. Depending on our client’s routine, we offer weekly, monthly, annual or occasional maintenance that is designed to adjust to your needs.


Our company makes sure that we respect the plant whilst pruning. We perform tailored pruning, regardless of the size of the plant, or height, using either manual or mechanized methods. We also perform the demolition or logging of plants or trees.


Our company design and execute automatic irrigation systems, without difficulty or surprises. We can also modify, repair or re-fit systems according to our clients needs.


We clean pavements, and improve its previous condition.  Our commitment is to clean up the pavements, in order to avoid problems with local public administration and neighbors.



Our company is aware people need a helping hand to overcome garden problems. At Entorn Mediterrani we ensure that our expertise will help solve your problems, or doubts, through analytical observations or biological samples.


At ENTORN MEDITERRANI we feel that training is an instructive element to our company. We have tailored courses and lectures, with a syllabus that is adjusted to your needs and schedules. Our company’s location, trajectory allows us to have taught at the City Council of Quant, the Centre Formatiu ‘Tres Roques’ in Mataro, the Baix Emporda County Council, the Oscobe Foundation, and the Foundation TASCA, among others. 

If you want us to provide further information, just get in touch with us.