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Our basic premise as a company is to design and build. We understand that landscape design in an exterior environment is meant to create a comfortable space, with this in mind, we design gardens using the software, AutoCad because it allows you direct involvement with the development on a personal level. Once the planning stage is finalized, we start work immediately, regardless of the size of the project.



Design&Built: We design the space to your taste, using specialized software to measure the area to make sure that it is laid out correctly.  An important ethos of our company is to have a good relationship with our clients, so that we can develop together a winning design. 



Design&Built: In the design we incorporate other trades within the execution of our projects, because we coordinate our team to achieve one goal, which is our clients satisfaction.


Design&Built: As a company we take care of the size of each project, we keep to the guidelines in order to produce a spectacular result.



Design&Built: The space we design is built with accuracy, to allow our clients visions to become alive. 

The two main elements needed to make a garden of your dreams are a good design, and landscaping. Each project is treated individually; with aesthetic and with attention to detail, this is achieved through the use of various types of materials, to create an avant-garde vision that wonderfully incorporates our client’s dreams.