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Eco-gardening can be referred to as sustainable gardens, gardening without irrigation, or low consumption of gardening. For us the fundamental theoretical concept is that it is a new way of understanding gardening, based on efficiency, being environmentally responsible, and at the same time ensuring maximum performance. Entorn Mediterrani cares about the environment, as well as this we understand the benefits of saving water in your garden.



Could a garden with no irrigation, be able to contain beautiful and fascinating flowers? Entorn Mediterrani has the experience and knowledge to design and construct wonderful gardens without the usage of water, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


ENTORN MEDITERRANI extensive knowledge of ecological gardens has made us aware that a well-planned garden would lower clients maintenance costs by 60% per year.

Even though eco-gardening is a relative modern notion it is built upon the principles of making a garden efficient on all levels. Additionally proper plant selections helps guarantee success selection, the plants we use are essentially from the Mediterranean. Once we have selected the plants, we consider whether or not to install irrigation, the use of pesticides, and to establish how to minimize the maintenance of the garden. This is all achieved with minimal effect to the visual aesthetics of the garden.